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Our History

Bill Harris Music originally opened in 1917, under the name of Heindselman Music Center and located at 36 W Center St right here in Provo, Utah. Dating back 106 years and counting we are the oldest music store in Utah. The late Bill Harris worked for Mr. Heindselman as a child until he was 18 and a senior in high school (Provo High) when Mr. Heindselman wanted to retire from the business. Bill approached Mr. Heindselman about the possibility of purchasing the store from him, and to his delight Mr. Heindselman agreed to let him purchase the store, so armed with a loan from his father, Bill and 2 other partners agreed to buy the store. Operating under the name of Heindselman Music Center for many more years. Until 1953, when the other 2 partners wanted out of the business. So Bill bought them out, and we have been known as Bill Harris Music ever since. For the next 50 years or so Bill and Joy dedicated their lives to helping get our community into music. 

(Bill Harris Music, original location 36 W Center Street)

These days we are still very much a family owned and operated business. Now 3rd generation we do our best to honor and live up to the expectations and legacy of our late grandparents. In 2021, we moved locations again from our longtime home (312 S. University Ave Provo, Utah) to our current home (144 W. 400 S. Provo, Utah). It is our absolute pleasure to be able to continue to serve our great community, hopefully for another 100 years!

(Bill Harris Music, current location 144 W. 400 S. Provo, Utah)